Bike count data updated for public use

A new update of data from our Super Tuesday and Super Sunday has been released to the public, with counts from 2020 included on the Bicycle Network data dashboard.

Since Bicycle Network launched the dashboard in 2021, it has provided an open-source portal for transport planners, researchers, media and interested bike riders to gather valuable bike data.

The user can sort by either commuter or recreational counts, and then select nationwide results by year, or zoom in and see information about a specific site or several selected sites over all the years they has been counted.

Information is provided about user types, perceived gender of riders, peak times of riding, and most trafficked movements both at a site-specific level and in a national level.

The dashboard shows various trends for the Super Counts over time, with the studied sites for the commuter counts averaging between 130 and 145 movements each year between 2013 and 2019, with a small jump in this average in 2020.

The data comes from Bicycle Network’s ‘Super Counts’ program, which comprises two annual counting events: ‘Super Tuesday’, a two-hour count of bike commuters during a morning in March (Southern States) or July/September (NT & QLD); and ‘Super Sunday’ a three-hour count of people undertaking recreational activity (bike riding, walking etc) during November.

During each event, hundreds of volunteer counters count bicycles and other forms of active travellers on crucial pieces of infrastructure, from shared-use paths to roads.

The next commuter Super Counts for 2022 will occur in Queensland in September, while the annual recreation Super Counts will occur in November all around the country. Keep an eye on the website for opportunities to get involved as a counter, with registrations opening in August 2022 for Super Tuesday North.

Interested councils can get in touch by contacting our Transport Data and Surveys team.

This article was made possible by the support of Bicycle Network's members who enable us to make bike riding better in Australia.