Winning design for Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway revealed

The long-awaited new designs for the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway have been unveiled this week.

A team led by ASPECT Studios was selected as the winner of a competition run by Transport for NSW to design the cycleway.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the busiest link in Sydney’s metro bike network, with more than 2,000 daily bike trips. However, riders are forced to climb 55 steps at the northern end of the bridge and push their bikes through safety barriers at the top for access.

In its current form, access to the bridge is a barrier for children, parents with prams, people with disabilities, and older adults.

The new cycleway will enable riders of all ages to make a smooth ride from the bridge’s northern end over to Bradfield Park, with no obstruction of the bridge’s scenic views and minimal impact to residents.

The confirmed design is another step in the long and controversial history of improving the Sydney Harbour Bridge for bike riding.

Bicycle Network has actively campaigned for a ramp replacement to improve the riding experience and avoid congestion at the steps.  

Construction of the cycleway is expected to commence in 2023.

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