Show your support for the Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Trail

Rail Trails Australia is encouraging Victorians to support important upgrades to the Hamilton-Coleraine Rail Trail.

The rail trail is located just south of the Grampians in Western Victoria, and takes riders through picturesque farmland and red gum country.

However, the trail requires some much needed funding to improve the rider experience. This includes surface treatment and signage and to close a gap at the Wannon River crossing.

There is also a gap in the trail where the railway line crosses the Wannon River, which forces riders to use the Glenelg Highway. 

Rail Trails Australia are asking people to take a moment and contact the Mayor of Southern Grampians Shire.

Victoria has the highest number of rail trails amongst the states. Combined, the trails offer over 1000 km of trail for budding riders.

Rail trails are a great way to support sustainable recreation and come with proven economic, environmental, social and health benefits.

You can read more about Rail Trails Australia's campaign here

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