North Coburg detour

A key intersection in North Coburg will be closed down for a month to remove a notorious roundabout.

The roundabout adjacent to the major Coles location at the corner of Sussex and Gaffney Streets is being redesigned as a signal-controlled intersection.

This will result in a massive improvement in pedestrian safety and convenience, and will also reduce risk for people on bikes and in vehicles.

While the introduction of signals is the main benefit, the realignment of the intersection has freed space for bike boxes and bike lanes on several legs making riders more visible and less exposed to traffic.

This first stage of works involves the removal of the roundabout and the installation the services required by the traffic lights.

It will re-open as a temporary roundabout until a second stage of the project installs the traffic signals next year.

The official detours are for motor traffic. Bikes riders should use their local knowledge to avoid the work site.

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