Have you been sent a Southbank summons?

Members and bike riders who were charged on summons by Victoria Police during the Southbank Promenade blitz in February and March are being asked to get in touch with Bicycle Network.

Operation River Run enforced 10km/h bicycle speed limits on Southbank Promenade.

It was reported that police charged 45 people on summons for riding a bike or scooter at more than 23km/h during the operation.

Being charged on summons means you have to go to court, and in this case, can face a fine of up to $1,652.20. This is very different from receiving a fine in the mail which usually happens when people exceed the speed limit while driving a car.

So far, three members have come forward with their summons asking them to front up at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in November 2021.

Through its riders rights service, Bicycle Network is providing legal representation for those members to support them through the legal process. There’ll be no charge beyond their membership fee for this representation. Of course, we’ll extend that support to all members who’ve received a summons.

CEO and In-house Counsel Craig Richards said Bicycle Network would love to assist all bike riders who were charged on summons during Operation River Run.

"Going to court can be intimidating and confusing and we'd love to help people to make sure they get the best outcome possible," said Mr Richards.

"Fines of $1,652 are excessive and more than three times the amount of some drink driving fines.

"Our court system is always under great strain and it's extraordinary that magistrates’ valuable time is being spent on these matters. Imagine if every speeding infringement by a person driving a vehicle ended up in court? We’d need a hundred more Magistrates.’"

Bicycle Network’s riders’ rights support is also available for members who receive other infringements that should be disputed.

As well as 45 charges on summons, during Operation River Run police issued infringements to:

  • 33 people for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike or a scooter
  • 9 people for operating an unregistered motor vehicle (8 scooters and 1 skateboard)
  • 7 people for using a mobile phone while riding a bike or a scooter

Other offences included failing to dismount and fail to have proper control.

Of course, Bicycle Network encourages all people to obey the speed limit when riding and respect people walking on shared paths. A good guide on a shared path is to ride a bike no faster than someone can run.

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