Mornington students pick the path to school

Mornington Park Primary School students helped designate bike riding routes to school at Bicycle Network’s Ride2School ActivePaths workshop last week.

ActivePaths are signed routes to schools that help children and parents ride on easy and direct paths and trails. The routes are designed by students, local councils and the Ride2School team.

More than 30 students from Mornington Park Primary School joined the workshop to give input about which routes they currently take to school and the streets they prefer to ride a bike on. Feedback from students will help inform the final routes.

Bicycle Network spokesperson Anthea Hargreaves said Ride2School ActivePaths help students and families ride and walk to school by taking the guesswork out of planning trips.

“Many students and parents want to ride to school, however they can find it difficult to know which streets are the best for riding,” said Ms Hargreaves.

“Ride2School ActivePaths will show the Mornington Park school community the best places to ride and make it easier to enjoy the fun of active trips to school.”

Students from Mornington Park Primary School holding a map showing the school's ActivePaths route.

ActivePaths will highlight routes in multiple directions to and from the school so families in all areas can choose an easy riding route. ActivePaths use a mix of existing off-road bike trails as well as footpaths, which can legally be ridden on by children under 13 years old, their siblings and parents.

The routes will be highlighted with specially designed stickers, known as decals, that stick to the pavement and point in the direction of travel. Students and parents can follow the decals and know if they should turn left, turn right or continue straight ahead.



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