bike bridge under Helsinki
New bike tunnel under Helsinki

The Finns are sinking a massive new tunnel under central Helsinki to connect its planned bike network to the capital city's main railway station.

The 220 metre long tunnel, to be known as the Kaisa Tunnel, will carry riders directly under the city rather than along the 500 metre detour through local streets.

The existing dog-legged by-pass carries 4000 riders a day. The Kaisa can take 10,000 bikes a day, and is expected to generate an extra 2900 new trips a day from opening.

The Finns calculate that the mode shift from cars will reduce carbon emissions by 440 tonnes a year.

The new route is not only more direct, it will connect to a new bike parking facility right under the station with storage for 1500 bikes.

The tunnel will have a 4 metre-wide lane for bikes and a 3.5 metre-wide path for pedestrians.

Helsinki is planning a core bike network with 130km of routes connecting all suburbs.

The city wants to shift bikes from there current 9% mode share to 20% within 15 years.


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