Upgrades to risky trail crossings

The City of Yarra is starting work on the long-awaited upgrades to the risky Capital City Trail crossings at Brunswick Street North and Rae Street in North Fitzroy.

Installation of road humps and yellow surface treatment and new crossing priority at Brunswick Street North will take place over the next three weeks.

Improved signage and line marking, and other works will be undertaken at both intersections.

The trail will remain accessible with traffic controllers in place to guide riders around the works.

There may be some delays while going through the intersection of Brunswick Street North and Rae Street.

The contractor has also closed off Brunswick Street North from traffic between Holden Street and Park Street to increase safety around the work site.

If riders wish to avoid the works completely, Park Street can be used.

Road crossings on the Capital City Trail in North Fitzroy set for upgrades.

The trail through this area is one of the busiest routes in Australia, with more than a million bikes each year.

These two crossings are the last remaining hazardous spots along this section of trail where bikes are still required to give way to vehicles.

It has long been Victorian policy that bikes on shared paths have priority over local roads at crossings. But there are locations around the state where the legacy of former thinking still applies.

Fortunately state and local governments have gradually been bringing such crossings up to contemporary standards.

These two crossings were among a number of similar intersections in the City of Yarra that were identified as a priority in the City’s bike strategy.

It is puzzling why there is no mention about the priority crossing for Rae Street. Of the two it is the more problematic, yet it seems it may not be included in the plans.

Paradoxically, many drivers seem to have sensed the risks at the location and habitually give way to people on bike. Bringing the crossing in to line with policy should be straightforward.

Clarification is being sought.

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