School's back – help us take care

School's going back all around Australia, which means there will be more children out on bikes and more traffic on the roads.

If you're going to work or doing the drop-off please be sure to do the best thing to reduce mayhem in school zones and make the roads safer for children: ride a bike yourself.

With less cars on the road there would be less risk for children. With less risk for children there would be more reasons for every parent to leave the car at home and we could have a healthier Australia.

If you must drive, please take care around schools and remember that children will be travelling on all streets and paths that lead to a school, not just in the designated school zone with a reduced speed limit.

School returns in each state on the below dates:

  • Victoria, Queensland, South Australia: Wednesday 27 January
  • Western Australia, Northern Territory, ACT: Monday 1 February
  • Tasmania, New South Wales: Wednesday 3 February

Getting ready for Ride2School Day

As classes recommence, Bicycle Network's Ride2School team is gearing up to capitalise on the 2020 bike boom and keep as many people active as possible.

National Ride2School Day is set for Friday 19 March, with registrations now open.

Schools that register for National Ride2School day receive a resources pack with promo posters, tips to help run a day at your school, a fact sheet about bike riding & environment and more.

Information sheets have also been made available in languages other than English to help families of different backgrounds get riding. Resources are now available in Arabic, Greek, simplified and traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

National Ride2School Day

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