Bridge closure and bikeways coming to Brisbane CBD

Brisbane City Council is coming good on its commitment to make it easier for people to ride in the CBD with the upcoming closure of the Victoria Bridge and the construction of new separated cycleways.

As part of the council’s plan to improve active transport connections and reduce congestion in the city centre, the council will permanently close the Victoria Bridge to general traffic on 24 January 2021, making space for the Brisbane Metro project and CityLink Cycleway trial.

The reconfigured Victoria Bridge will include a separated two-way bikeway between North Quay and Grey Street which forms part of the CityLink Cycleway Trial.

The removal of traffic from Victoria Bridge presents a unique opportunity to provide a green, prioritised public and active transport corridor, connecting the CBD and South Brisbane.

Since January 2020, the council reports that active travel has increased within the city by 16 per cent with more people choosing to ride and walk, while the number of people riding a bike to work has more than doubled between 2006 and 2016.

A joint initiative of the Brisbane City Council and Queensland Government, the 12-month CityLink Cycleway trial will fill missing links by delivering new separated bikeways along selected streets in the city centre with some on-street parking, loading zones and taxi zones removed or relocated to make way.

Announced in September 2020, the bikeway will occupy a kerbside traffic lane and will separate people who ride from vehicle traffic using raised yellow kerbing on the following streets:

  • Elizabeth Street, between William and Creek streets
  • Edward Street, between Elizabeth and Alice streets
  • William Street to Grey Street, via Victoria Bridge.

If the 12-month trial is successful, more separated lanes may go ahead on Albert Street, between Mary and Alice Street, Alice Street, between Edward and William streets, North Quay, between Ann Street and Victoria Bridge and Melbourne Street, between Grey and Merivale streets in South Brisbane.

Construction on the cycleways has begun with wet weather blamed for delays which prevented the lanes being completed before Christmas.

Read more on both projects on the Brisbane City Council website: 

Brisbane CityLink Cycleway