Next-gen cargo bikes are on the way

A new generation of cargo bikes aimed at the logistics business will soon hit the streets.

About the quarter of the size of a 3 tonne truck, and powered by pedal power plus electric assist, these new machines can zip down bike lanes and get into places no ordinary truck could ever get near.

In Berlin, the new ONO cargo bike, will hit the streets soon, and it is already causing a sensation.

The ONO has a cargo container that clips in behind the rider for quick loading and unloading.

The containers are delivered to a logistics hub, where they are collected by the bikes and distributed through dense and congested city areas.

The company has already conducted several trials and is launching across four German cities.

It has attracted millions in investment and says it could have 14,000 of the bikes operating in 60 cities within five years if the freight industry standardises container sizes and adapts regulations.

Not only are the vehicles space efficient, they cost 20 per cent less to operate, and are pollution free—a major attraction now that European cities are taking climate change seriously. And no driver’s license required!

See what it can do in this video:

For the rider weather protection is provided, and the bike locks and unlocks with the wave of an RFID.

Two 250 watt motors assist the rider and 300 kg load to 25 km/h with a range of 80 kilometres, while the batteries are swappable in seconds.

The cargo unit holds more than three cubic metres and can be easily swapped via the build-in lading ramp.

More about the project on the ONOmotion website:

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