William Street bike lane along the Flagstaff Gardens
Bus operation to squeeze bike lane

The William Street bike lane along the Flagstaff Gardens will be squeezed for space for a while during November due to a major bus operation associated with a shutdown of the parts of the rail network.

The Metro Tunnel project is interrupting train services on the Sunbury and Williamstown lines during November.

Various suburban and regional services will be impacted by the shutdowns, with the Flagstaff Gardens become a major staging area for replacement bus services.

The bus replacement of rail will operate on various date between Friday, 6 November and Tuesday 17 November.

Temporary bus stops will be created along William, Dudley and King Streets.

The busy La Trobe Street bike lane, east-bound along the Gardens, is not expected to be seriously impacted.

However William Street north-bound will be squeezed for space.

Although the car parking surrounding the gardens will be removed, the buses are wider than the car parking, so they will project out into the available road space.

Riders will need to be careful and patient as they depart northwards from the La Trobe Street intersection towards the route along the gardens.

There will be a considerable traffic management presence on site to manage the crush of buses, pedestrians and traffic on the roads.

Confused and wandering pedestrians may be a hazard.

Buses will be given priority at intersections.

Due to the scale of the operation there will be numerous buses in and around the CBD.

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