Should I wear a mask when riding?
At a glance: 
  • Victorians are required to wear a mask when leaving their homes
  • Your mask must be fitted and cover the nose and mouth. Shields, buffs, scarfs and bandannas cannot be used as masks.
  • Bicycle Network is recommending that all bike riders wear masks when near other people.
  • If it is impractical to wear a mask while riding, you must still carry one with you when on a ride.

There are exceptions to mask rules for people riding bikes, however you always need to carry one and should cover up when possible.

Your mask must be fitted and cover the nose and mouth. Shields, buffs, scarfs and bandannas were previously acceptable, but now cannot be used as masks.

Masks are mandatory to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) when you leave your home for one of the four permissible reasons.

While you do not always have to have your mask on when riding your bike, you do need to always carry one, and Bicycle Network recommends covering up as much as possible, particularly when near other people.

You should wear a mask when riding at a lower intensity and you can easily breath through a mask, or cover and anytime you stop for a rest.

One time when you shouldn’t have to wear a mask is when you're riding up a hill and there is no one else nearby.

Masks rules definitely apply to all people aged 12 years or over and may apply for children aged between two years and 12 years. Toddlers should not wear masks or face covers.

Victoria Police will be enforcing laws and can give people on-the-spot fines if they are not wearing a mask or face cover when they should be.

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