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Active detours and path closures in Victoria

Learn about active detours, path/lane closures and any changes to traffic conditions that may impact people who ride bikes. 

Webb Bridge re-surfacing closure – delayed again

Because of persistent bad weather the City of Melbourne has postponed the closure of Webb Bridge until a time when conditions are suitable.

The bridge, a busy bike route across the Yarra in Docklands, was supposed by closed this month for resurfacing of the deck.

There is no new date set for the works, but it will happen when possible. When works begin a bike detour to Seafarers Bridge will be set up.

Pedestrians will be able to use the Charles Grime Bridge.

Albert Street closed for three weeks

The busy Albert Street in East Melbourne will be closed from Monday 5 August until 21 August.

Signed detours are in place for bike riders on both directions.

The closure, at Eades Street, is for the Melbourne Water M41 water main project, which supplies water to more than 350,000 residents and businesses in inner Melbourne.

Flinders Street night time closure

Flinders Street between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets will closed at night for the next month.

Melbourne Metro Tunnel will be constructing a new pedestrians crossing and associated facilities.

The work will take place from 8pm to 6am, Sundays to Thursdays.

There will be no works during White Night from Thursday 22nd August to Saturday 24th August 2019.

Collins Street truck alert

Riders westbound on Collins Street should be alert to the presence of semi-trailers on the street for the next month.

There will be a bulge in the number of semis between Russell and Swanston Streets as the acoustic shed at the City Square is completed.

The trucks will be restricted during the morning and afternoon peak period, but otherwise will operate throughout the day.

As always, don't be tempted to ride down the left side of a truck.

Make sure you follow the instructions of traffic controllers as they manage the entry of trucks to the construction site.

La Trobe Street detour

La Trobe Street eastbound between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets will be closed from Monday 5 August until midnight Monday 19 August.

A series of works is being undertaken as part of the Melbourne Metro Tunnel project, particularly the relocation of tram poles.

Work will be underway 24 hours a day.

Traffic management will be in place to safely guide pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists around the work area.

Bike route detours will be in place along Little Lonsdale Street, the same route as used in previous closures and as per the map below.

Sewer repair in Adderley Street

Riders should be careful in Adderley Street, West Melbourne, for the next month as sewer works will be underway from Monday 22 July.

The southbound bike lane will be closed between Dudley Street and Roslyn Street.

The works start at 9:00am each day, so most commuters will be through by then.

The job should be completed by Monday 26 August.

Old Beechy Rail trail temporary closure

The Old Beechy Rail Trail is temporarily CLOSED from Kawarren to Ferguson while the Colac Otway Shire Council discusses conditions of access with four landowners in this section.

Brunswick: Upfield path at Jewell railway station – January 2018 to October 2019

Works as part of the Neometro project at Jewell Station will result in the Upfield bike path being closed for almost years between Barkly Street and Union Street.

Bike riders will be redirected via an off-ramp at Barkly Street, around Black Street and Wilson Avenue before rejoining the bike path at Union Street.

There will be cars using these streets during this time.

Extra care should be taken on Wilson Avenue which has blind corners.

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