March 2019

Pedalling a way out of congestion

The answer to traffic congestion in our capital cities isn’t in cutting back permanent migration, it’s in investing and creating space for active transport.

The latest rideable reactions

With e-scooter hire schemes launching in QLD, SA and NZ, the discussion around where these new transport modes fit into existing systems continues.

Oft-flooded underpass for upgrade

The flood-prone underpass on one of Melbourne’s busiest bike routes may finally be in line for a much-needed fix. Your feedback on this project is vital.
inkerman road

Inkerman Street project sees daylight

blic consultation is being sought for the vital east-west bike route along Inkerman Road between St Kilda and North Caulfield. Your support is essential!

Pain Revolution rides into town & we go global

Three social rides are coming up in the next two weeks, one to highlight the role of physical activity in managing pain, a Pipeline at night ride and a family ride to Taste the World in Moonah.
dog in car

The risk of dog day drivers

New research shows man's best friend is adding to the problem of distracted driving, with 1 in 3 dog-owning drivers not safely restraining their dogs in the car.
bike and tram

Roads lobby back-pedals on cars

Some of Australia’s fiercest advocates of road building and the car-based lifestyle are starting to have second thoughts: maybe more cars aren’t the answer?

Maribyrnong Trail Sewer Works

There will be minor inconvenience for riders along the Maribyrnong Trail in Essendon West for the next four months as part of the Maribyrnong River Main upgrades