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Hospital-Creek connection a lifesaver

A project to revitalise a neglected waterway could be the key to getting more people riding to a major Melbourne hospital.

Hospital staff are some of the keenest bike commuters, but it is not always easy as nearby roads are often not bike-friendly.

At rapidly growing Sunshine Hospital it is almost impossible to safely use a bike to get there.

Now, thanks to Melbourne Water, we might get a great bike route virtually to the back door.

Melbourne Water is looking into the prospect of revitalising the section of Stony Creek that runs along the back of the hospital.

The design will involve returning Stony Creek to a more natural form between Furlong Road to Laurel Street, St Albans, with an inviting open space connection to the hospital.

A bike path that connected to the hospital would provide a great low-stress bike connection, much preferable to busy Furlong Road. With a little work, such a path could connect to a number of other existing and prospective bike routes.

And as you can see from the map, a bunch of schools are clustered in the area.

Melbourne Water is shaping its proposal now and wants to hear from members of the community about what they would like to see emerge from the project.

If good cycling and walking connections connections along the rejuvenated Creek are important to you, have your say below.

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Melbourne Water's reimagining Stony Creek proposal