February 2019

movement and place

New system to fix road planning conflicts

A fresh approach to transport planning in Victoria could result in better connected roads and public transport and a compelling mesh of easy-to-ride bike routes.
metro tunnel

Construction trucks fenced in by GPS

The Melbourne Metro Tunnel project is using innovative GPS technology to keep construction vehicles on approved roads and away from bike riders.
stony creek

Hospital-Creek connection a lifesaver

Melbourne Water is looking into revitalising the section of Stony Creek that runs along the back of Sunshine Hospital which would create a new bike route.

Timely re-think on school boundaries

A review of how school zone boundaries are set is underway, and Bicycle Network would like to see the opportunity for active travel to school taken in to consideration.
GM e-bike

GM see bike future ahead

General Motors has joined the long conga line of car companies looking to enter the bike business as car sales retreat, with a snazzy new design.

Crashing solo is half the problem

A new study has confirmed that half of the bike injuries on the road come from crashes that involve just one vehicle: your bike.

Fork fail leads to death

A sudden mechanical failure has lead to the tragic death of an Ocean Grove rider, igniting reminders for all riders to regularly check the structural integrity of older bikes.
active april

Warming up for Active April

The Premier's Active April encourages Victorians to 30 mins of exercise per day during April, and National Ride2School Day on March 22 is the perfect warm up!
bondi junction cycleway

An unfounded obsession with car parks

Contrary to current concerns of Bondi Junction businesses, studies show transforming car parking space to accommodate bike paths has a positive impact on retail.
oakleigh south

Hope for primary school congestion crisis

A recent article highlighted a congestion issue at a Melbourne primary school that has reached crisis level. The Ride2School team believe they may be able to help.

Parliamentary inquiry sits on NE Rail Trail

The Legislative Council held public hearings in its North East Rail Trail inquiry in Launceston and Scottsdale in February, but this week’s proroguing of parliament means the dates of further hearings are now unknown.  The Legislative Council will have to reinstate the inquiry following parliament’s return on 19 March and set new hearing dates, although [...]

Tassie bicycle news

Hobart council starts Elizabeth Street project and plans to seal Huon Road, the North West Coastal Pathway still stalled, Meehan Range set for upgrade and Freycinet shared path on the planning board.
10 years of peaks

Tim’s 10 years of Peaks

Tim Ellison is saddling up for his tenth Peaks Challenge Falls Creek ride in 2019. We asked him about some of his favourite moments and for some tips for the rest of us.
10 years of peaks

D***heads, nutjobs and Samboy chips

10 times Peaks finisher Mark McLean told us it never gets easier, but having a group of like minded "nutjobs" by your side makes the challenge worthwhile.