Moray Street
Foray into Moray needs care

Work is underway to upgrade the Moray Street route through South Melbourne into the city and riders and drivers will need to have their wits about them to deal with radically different roundabout designs.

Especially notable will be the new intersection design at the corner of Moray and Dorcas St, which should be open in the next few days.

This roundabout introduces bike lane protection at a roundabout and may initially seem strange to all road users.

This is the first roundabout of its kind in Victoria, prioritising pedestrian and bike rider safety by having separated bike paths throughout the roundabout, as well as raised zebra crossings.

Vehicles must give way to bike riders and pedestrians at these crossings.

Riders will need to be patient as road users adjust to a new style of roundabout. Some drivers may not initially realise they are required to give way.

The behaviour of road users at the intersection will be monitored over the coming weeks.

The project is part of a major upgrade to Moray Street being undertaken by the Melbourne Metro rail tunnel project to provide an alternative link in and out of the CBD while St Kilda Road is disrupted during the building of Anzac Station at Domain.

The entire project including bike lanes will be completed in August.

Works on the Moray Street and Coventry Street have now begun will be completed in mid-July.

Read more about the project and design here.