Access restrictions at Point Nepean

A major upgrade to Defence Road in Point Nepean National Park has placed restrictions on bike access for the next couple of months.

There will be no pedestrian or cyclist access to Fort Nepean beyond Danson Drive and, subsequently no access to Fort Nepean, Fort Pearce, Cheviot Hill, the Harold Holt Memorial, the Range Area, Gunners Cottage, the Cemetery or Coles Track west.

The Quarantine Station will remain open and accessible, as will Observatory Point, Coles Track up to Observatory Point, Wilsons Folly Walking Track and the Bay Beach Walking Track.

Bike hire is still be available from the Point Nepean Information Centre. Hire fees will not be reduced during the works period.

Half day hire fee options have been recently introduced and provide an ideal length of time to discover the Quarantine Station and nearby sections of the Coles Track that remain open.

Defence Road is narrow in sections, and abutted by dense vegetation. The entire road and verge will be occupied by contractors and their construction equipment and will be zoned a ‘Construction Site’.

There is insufficient space for bike riders or pedestrians to pass safely past the contractors at work. There may be heavy vehicles, earthworks, uneven surfaces or other hazards which could pose a major safety risk.

The project is part of $3.7M in upgrades that flow from the Point Nepean Master Plan.

Bikes are the best way to visit this historic but fragile park, and the improvements to Defence Road will improve access while reducing the impact on the environment.

A full map of changes is available.