Member stories

Our members are protected and supported whenever they’re on the bike around Australia. We stand up for them when they’ve been wronged and support them in the result of a crash.

Here are some of their stories…

Luke’s story

In the middle of his preparation for Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain, Luke was riding home from a training ride in the Dandenong Ranges when he lost control on a descent and broke his collarbone.

With the help of Bicycle Network, Luke was able to focus on his recovery and achieve his goal.

Cath’s story

A beautiful day of riding in the Bunyip State Park took a turn when Cath hit a rock on a descent. It left her with a major shoulder injury that required surgery and a long rehabilitation process. Bicycle Network was able to minimise the financial stress and allow Cath to focus on her recovery.

Frank’s story

If you’ve ridden a bike around Melbourne, there’s a fair chance you’ll know Frank, or at least know someone that does. For even the most experienced riders sometimes things don’t go to plan.

Here’s his story:

“I was mountain biking with a few friends after work when I found myself going over the bars and landed straight on my head, knocking out my 2 front teeth. I was taken to hospital and spent four months in a halo and neck brace.

I had private health insurance, income protection and other various insurances, so I was fine when it came to income. However, nothing covered me for dental.

That’s when I gave Bicycle Network a ring, and to my surprise and relief they covered up to $7,500, and all they asked for was the claim form from the dentist. Not only that, they ask me if I needed assistance with any other expenses, like medical, income protection and homecare.

I cannot pay enough praise to Bicycle Network. They are genuinely concerned in your well-being.”

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