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A Bicycle Network membership is so much more than just bike riding insurance. Whether you have a crash or feel that you have been wronged on the road, our legal support means we’ve got your back every time you ride.

Fighting for riders rights

Fighting for our members rights

Following a crash while riding, Mary (name changed) was not able to work for ten weeks and her bike was left in pieces. With extensive injuries, the last thing she needed was resistance from the driver’s insurance company to cover her bike.

Bicycle Network’s Rider’s Rights officer supported Mary as she put together her insurance claim and helped her with TAC coverage.

She was also referred to Maurice Blackburn Lawyers for a free consultation after the driver’s insurance company refused to accept her property damage quote and only made an offer that was $1000 less than the bike’s value.

Maurice Blackburn advised Mary not to accept the quote and with their support, she was able to recover the full value of her bike.

Their legal support and helpful advice during a stressful time relieved a lot of pressure and allowed Mary to focus on therapy and her road to recovery. 

The outcome

1. TAC cover

TAC covered Mary for her medical costs and part of her lost income. As Mary’s crash involved a moving vehicle, she was able to make a claim* 

2. Legal support

Bicycle Network’s partner law firm Maurice Blackburn helped support Mary and recover the value of her bike from the driver’s insurance company.

3. Mary's back on the bike

Mary has recovered, is back on the bike and is enjoying life on two wheels.

*Bike riders have access to TAC support only in specific circumstances. 

We’ve got your back

If you’re in need of legal support, our partner law firm, Maurice Blackburn will provide a consultation at no charge. Whether you have a crash, altercation on the road or just need help understanding your rights, Bicycle Network is your first point of contact.

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