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Ride2Work encourages Australians to start riding to work and promotes commuting by bike as a regular habit.

With over 55,000 registrations, Ride2Work is the largest national ride to work program of its kind. Ride2Work has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people choosing to ride to work, with an amazing 60% of new riders registered in 2013 still riding to work when surveyed five months after Ride2Work Day.

Throughout the month of February, we are running Ride2Work4Feb, a campaign to get more people riding. 

Celebrate summer riding with Ride2Work4Feb


Ride2Work4Feb is a celebration of summer riding, focused around building the habit while the weather is great and encouraging others to get pedalling!

We're asking all commuters to grab a workmate who doesn’t currently ride to work — but wants to — hop on the bike and help them get moving to a happier, healthier 2015!

Checkout all the activities we've got planned to get you and your workmates moving. The campaign is free and open to all people registered for Ride2Work.