Parkiteer network cracks the ton

Bicycle Network's Parkiteer program hit a big milestone this week, opening its 100th cage at Ginifer train station on Monday.

It is a great moment for the program that continues to help Victorians access public transport and get to work the healthy way by offering free, secure bike parking at public transport hubs.

The Ginfer cage holds 26 bikes and will help grow the Parkiteer program that has 13,000 registered users.

Bicycle Network CEO, Craig Richards, said that Parkiteer cages not only make it easier for Victorians to get to work and school, but also help build the health of the community.

“Parkiteer cages are making a significant contribution to Victoria’s liveability and health. To be able to pedal right to the platform instead of scrambling to find a park and then missing your train is so convenient and the best way to start the day.”

“More and more Victorians are commuting by a combination of train and bike. It’s extremely progressive of the Victorian Government to provide better facilities for bikes than you see in many European countries.”

Ginifer station, on the Sunbury line, was recently rebuilt as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project and Victorian member for St Albans, Natalie Suleyman, joined Bicycle Network at opening of the cage.

Ms Suleyman said that the Parkiteer cage at Ginifer station will be a benefit for the local community.

“We’re giving locals the choice to ride their bike and catch the train to work, school and the shops,” said Ms Suleyman.

Parkiteer cages were first introduced in 2008 at metropolitan train stations and are now found at regional stations, as well as other public transport hubs such as park and ride bus terminals.

For the full list of Parkiteer locations and to register, visit