Low speed locals in Footscray

In an effort to improve safety for all road users, Maribyrnong Council is making the progressive move to drop speed limits in Footscray to 30km/h.

As reported in the Leader Newspaper, a reduction in speed limits in the inner-western suburb of Melbourne comes as part of VicRoad’s Footscray Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project, following a $2.54 million commitment from the TAC.

According to the plan, roads in central Footscray will drop to 30km/h, outer Footscray areas will also see speed limits drop to 40km/h and major roads such as Hopkins Street and Buckley Street to drop to 50km/h.

The City of Yarra is likely to follow suit, with plans to trial 30km/h speed zones in parts of Fitzroy.

Bicycle Network has been campaigning for years to see speed limits dropped on local streets.

Read more about our Low Speed Locals campaign.

Reducing speeds on local streets by 10km/h on local streets, from 40km/h to 30km/h, offers significant public health and safety benefits by reducing serious and fatal crashes.

Lower speeds also encourage more people, including kids and the elderly, to walk or ride their bike. The flow on effect will be that local suburbs will be healthier as people become more physically active, and socially active.

Dr Corben from Monash University Accident Research Centre told the Leader Newspaper earlier in the year that “it is simply a matter of physics and acknowledging that humans can withstand only a limited amount of energy in a collision before the risk of injury or death starts to rise rapidly.”

There’s also plenty of good international examples where changes in speed limits have saved lives. In London, research found that where 20mph (32km/h) limits were introduced, casualty crashes reportedly reduced by 42 per cent.