Super Tuesday Commuter Bike Count 2017

Welcome to Super Tuesday 2017

What is Super Tuesday?

Super Tuesday is Australia's largest visual bike count, where volunteers count bike rider movements at key intersections across the country. The data collected is used by local, state and federal governments to improve cycling conditions in people's neighbourhoods. 

Each volunteer receives a $50 donation towards any nominated charity, school, sports club or any other not-for-profit organisation. It's a fantastic fundraising opportunity!

This year's count will be held on Tuesday 7 March from 7am to 9am, The below map shows all sites that are being counted.

Count Sites for 2017

Participating Councils

The below councils are participating in the 2017 count. Click on the links to view count sites within in each council area. You won't be able to register via the below links. To register for a site, click here.






How does it work?

  • 875 volunteers will head out on the morning of 7 March 2017 and count bikes at their chosen locations

  • The data is sent back to Bicycle Network, who process the data and send back to participating councils

  • Each volunteer receives their $50 charitable donation

How do I get involved?

  1. Go to the registration portal at 9am on Monday 30 January
  2. Enter your Rider ID if you have one. If not, register your details with us
  3. Choose your count site. You'll receive a confirmation email
  4. Go to your chosen location on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7am and count bikes

Donations Summary

Check out how much money was raised in 2016's Super Counts below;

Donation payment process

If you participated in Super Tuesday (March or September) this year and have not yet claimed your donation payment, follow the below steps.

1) Submit your data to Bicycle Network if you haven't already done so

2) Send us a tax invoice with your organisation's details (follow the below link)

See the invoicing section to claim your donation payment.