Arapiles Cycling Event (A.C.E. Ride)

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05 Oct 2014 05 Oct 2014
8 a.m. 4 p.m.
104 Easy/Medium
On Road Yet to be finalised

Rising from the Wimmera landscape, Mt.Arapiles, north west of the Grampians National Park, has a presence on the horizon not unlike Uluru in the Northern territory. Our 104Km. Ride will take you west from Horsham to Arapiles and back via a variety of roads and vistas. This is Big Sky country with expansive views in all directions. You will peddle past the flowering Canola crops, Wheat, Barley and lentil crops, see some sheep and cows in the paddocks, ride past some historic buildings a large Lake and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the part of Victoria. A shorter 56Km. option is available with the ride to Arapiles and then a Bus trip back to Horsham. Family friendly options utilize the Big Sky Arapiles Bike Trail network. This Event supports the work of the Wimmera Drug Action Task Force in our community.

Sawyer Park Firebrace St HORSHAM 3400
Sawyer Park Firebrace St HORSHAM 3400