Retrain the Brain - Family Fun Day

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02 Dec 2012 02 Dec 2012
10:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
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Off Road - Bike Path From $20

The DGS Global Foundation aims to "help the un-helped" with a focus on the individual. Our journey has started with a very inspirational individual. His name is Ivon Davidson. Can you help? In 2006, Ivon Davidson suffered a catastrophic brain injury - he was not expected to survive - and if he did, his family were told that he would never live an independent life, never talk, never eat on his own or walk. But Ivon did survive, he started to talk, to eat on his own and is starting to relearn to walk again. 6 years post his Injury and Ivon is continuing to make significant progress towards living an independent life. His recovery continues to defy medical odds even today, he is defying the traditional medical view that most recovery happens in the first 2 years following an injury. His is a story of what hard work, determination, lots of love, support and belief can achieve. His story is proof that the brain can rewire itself - that is has the ability to relearn and find pathways to recover, to achieve what is defined as impossible. Neuroplasticity (that our brains are plastic or malleable) is alive and well if you see what Ivon has achieved. His story is inspirational for all of us - if Ivon can achieve the impossible, then we can overcome our own challenges. You can read more about Ivon's story at If you want a fun day ride down to Docklands in Melbourne, get more information from

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