Improve conditions and infrastructure

If your crash was caused by poor roads or you’ve noticed some risky riding conditions we have some information to help get it fixed.


Become a Bicycle Network member and help us do more for people who ride bikes. You’ll become one of nearly 50,000 people who have joined us to help create a more bike-friendly Australia.

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Cyclists's commuting to work

Our campaigns

Check out our list of on-going campaigns and add your voice to help make us stronger.

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Contact the media

Contact your local newspaper – suburban and regional newspapers love to hear from locals and are often happy to help.

Contact your representatives

Contact the responsible council, state and federal MPs to push for change. You can use the following websites to work out who represents you and the area in which you’re seeking improvement.

Snap Send Solve

You can send an instant picture to participating local councils to notify them of dangerous or unsafe areas, or faulty infrastructure.

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