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MetroCount® is the world leader in traffic monitoring systems. Designed and manufactured in Fremantle, Western Australia, and exported to over 110 countries, MetroCount’s range of vehicle and bicycle counters provide engineers and planners invaluable traffic statistics with unmatched versatility.

MetroCount’s two dedicated bike counting devices, the portable tube based MC5620 and permanently embedded piezo electric MC5720 have expanded the depth of information currently available for bicycle infrastructure decision making. Installed and tested on both cycle paths and separated on-road bike lanes, MetroCount’s systems have been independently verified to provide accuracy above 99% in counting bicycles while providing additional key metrics including: Arrival Time; Length; Speed; Clusters of bikes; Direction; Reliability of detection; Separation from other bicycles; and more.

Aiding in the management and collection of bicycle data, MetroCount’s FieldPod® Remote Data Delivery System, for use with the MC5720, provides system monitoring and data retrieval over the internet. Simplified data delivery allows for uninterrupted continuous year-round bike monitoring.

Phone: 08 9430 6164

Email: sales@metrocount.com

Web: http://metrocount.com/

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