1962 - 2019

Wendy Margetts

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wendy margetts

Bicycle Network Life Member Wendy Margetts was perhaps best known as a key member of the dynamic Signs Team on the Great Vic – hitting the road before sunrise every morning with her sister Sharon to get the signs out, so that riders could find their way along the day’s route.

It’s a tough gig but she made it her own with a good dose of humour and plenty of spark, regardless of the hour. Often allocated the role of designated driver, Wendy would always throw in at least one wrong turn, much to Simon, Sharon and Smithy’s disgrace!

While this role had her back at site early, Wendy was never one to take it easy, and always filled the rest of her day helping other teams, preparing for the next day and checking in on everyone else.

Wendy lived and breathed the Bicycle Network values of a healthy lifestyle, and if she spent too long behind the wheel to reach her absolute minimum of 10,000 steps per day, she would do on-the-spot steps whilst watching the news at night to hit her 12,000 step target. 

Wendy was also part of the SAG Team on Peaks Challenge and supported our events in many other roles over the years, as well as riding in many too.

However, Wendy’s impact went far beyond the operational skill she shared with so many. She was kind, humble, determined, inclusive and able to see the best in any person and situation.

Known for her boundless energy and positivity, Wendy naturally brightened the day of all those around her. She always knew how to get a smile or a laugh out of the team and riders she worked alongside, regardless of what the day had delivered, and her trademark ‘yeah, we’ll be right’ was always a reassuring note to hear as she bounced around the sites.

These were characteristics that Wendy championed right through her battle with cancer, maintaining a bright and positive outlook, as she continued to travel and share many special moments with her family and friends, including making it up to Rutherglen on last year’s Great Vic for the long-honoured rest day roast lunch with many of her Great Vic family.

Even when she was sick she was helping others. She knitted an abundance of beanies, socks and scarves for other people who were getting chemo in hospital to keep them warm and as comfortable as possible in their tough time.

Wendy Margetts passed away on Saturday 22 June after putting up an incredibly tough fight against cancer.

She will be missed beyond belief by all of the Bicycle Network family she touched.