1942 - 1995

Ted Parker

President Bicycle Victoria (Bicycle Network), 1992-1995

Ted Parker was involved in almost every aspect of Bicycle Network (then Bicycle Victoria) at one time or another – from council member and volunteer, to equipment designer, legal advisor and project manager. Ted was a man of many and varied talents, culminating in his tenure as President from 1992, up until April 1995.

Ted was an enthusiastic and highly motivated individual and a keen touring and commuting cyclist. He was a member of both the Tandem Club of Australia and the Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club. Having designed the world’s first tandem Moulton, he and his wife, Rachel, put it through its paces both in Australia and overseas.

Beyond his own passion for cycling, Ted also had a particular interest in “getting more people cycling more often”. In 1983 he was involved in Bicycle Network’s ride to celebrate Victoria’s 150th Anniversary. This ride was the forerunner to the Great Victorian Bike Ride, which had its inauguration the following year.

Ted was a member of the founding committee (and Treasurer) for the first Great Victorian Bike Ride. His hands-on, ‘can-do’ approach saw him overseeing not only the finances for the Ride, but also designing and managing construction of the mobile toilet and shower blocks and boilers.

Ted also created the Easterbike Ride and his unwavering commitment ensured its success, despite the many obstacles faced during its inception.

Ted’s ‘day job’ was as a barrister and partner at Maurice Blackburn & Co. This provided him with the ideal skill base to initiate Bicycle Network’s Legal Service. He was justifiably proud of having personally assisted many Members to recover costs of bicycles damaged in collisions.

Ted was elected to the Bicycle Victoria Council in 1990 and by 1992 he was President.

Inspired by his example and with the memory of his determination, Bicycle Network continues its quest to achieve the shared goal of More People Cycling More Often.

Ted is survived by his wife Rachel and sons, Ben and Tom.