1944 - 2020

Maggie Luke-Davies

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Life Member and beloved volunteer legend

Much-loved member of our event family Maggie Luke-Davies passed away this month after a short but serious illness.

Maggie was a Bicycle Network Life Member, inducted in 2013 and with over fifteen years of volunteering across our events. While she worked across all of our multi-day events, including the Great Escapades in Tasmania and WA, as well as Around the Bay, it was her eight year run as Team Leader of the Eco Team on Great Vic where Maggie truly felt at home.

Every year, Maggie worked tirelessly behind the scenes to reduce the environmental impact of the event. She made light work of one of the toughest gigs on Great Vic, ensuring our campsites remained cleaned, our waste was sorted responsibly and footprint minimal, but above all of that, she placed her team’s well-being as absolute priority.

Maggie’s long-term team-mate Vivienne shared – Eco is the team that all members want to return to every year. Maggie offered all team members respect and loyalty and earned it back in buckets. Every year I would meet Maggie several times to discuss and plan Ecos role on the GVBR and every time the discussion was focused not just on the teams task but also the team members well being and making the experience the best that it can be for each of us.”

Similarly, Steve Milton, who also worked with Maggie in the Eco Team, remembers thatMaggie was a warm and caring person, seemed to know everyone and her capacity for work was legendary.’

Maggie’s kindness, care and inclusive nature extended far beyond her own team, and she was also incredibly treasured by our loyal and long-term contractor team who worked with Maggie across the events.

Catering Production Manager Jeff Tarrant recalled that ‘no matter how long or hard her own day had been, she always had time for a chat, was there to help at the end of the day and was ‘always there for a laugh and a glass of wine’.

Anthony Simpson, who works alongside Jeff, reflected that Maggie was never afraid to roll up her sleeves, despite her size. 

‘No matter if the weather was 40 degrees and the heat haze thick with flies, or freezing cold, pouring rain with tyre gouges in football ovals the diminutive figure that was Maggie could be seen lugging bins. Whether it was during the day when we were on site, or in the rear vision mirror as we left site.

‘In recent years joining the catering team on Three peaks where she balanced Jeff and my some would say ‘boyish larrikin’ pranks! Even in this role she puts others well above her self, an example was picking wildflowers and arranging them on the dining tables to ensure everyone smiled come meal time.’

Maggie was also renowned for her cheeky sense of humour, ability to bring a group together and her commitment to dress-up theme days.

Bicycle Network GM of Events, Rebecca Lane remembers Maggie impressively  dressed-up as an ‘80’s rock chick’ on the final night of our 2015 Great Vic, proudly leading the rest of the Team Leader group into celebrations, while also still moving bins around the site in her fishnet gloves and rock get-up!

Maggie was a great friend to many, a beautiful woman and a true leader of the Great Vic family. We’ll miss her strength and brilliant company but are so grateful to have so many wonderful memories and moments shared with her.

Farewell Maggie.