1994 - 2014

Kevin Hossack

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Team Leader, Route Operations, Bicycle Network 1994 – 2014

Kevin Hossack became a Life Member of Bicycle Network in 2013 after an amazing 20 years as a dedicated volunteer in route operations.

He was a passionate bike rider and organiser of rides. In fact, Kevin’s passion for organising rides extended outside of Bicycle Network when he organised a ride through Austria with some friends in 2003.

He was an active member of the Whitehorse Cyclists for many years, including stints as Secretary and President.

Kevin worked in route operations on almost all of Bicycle Network’s events and helped the Events Team determine the route of rides like the Great Victorian Bike Ride and 3 Peaks Challenge.

Starting out as a Route Marshal, he soon moved his way into the Team Leader role, such was his passion for finding the perfect way to get somewhere by bike.

Bicycle Network’s General Manager of Events Darren Allen said Kevin was one of the most dedicated volunteers he had worked with.

“He probably holds the record for the most hours volunteered for the organisation,” Allen says.

Kevin tackled his volunteer work with Bicycle Network as a full-time job, contacting the Events Team on a daily basis to talk through route plans and issues.

“He was a funny man – always up for a laugh. Sometimes I’d get a phone call from Kevin (on event) and he’d say – ‘Darren we’ve got a huge problem’,”

“I’d ask ‘what’s wrong?’ and he would reply ‘the bakery’s all out of pies,’ with this cheeky laugh.”

Allen says Kevin knew where all the best bakeries were across Victoria.

He also knew the best places to ride – and when planning Great Victorian Bike Rides it was rare to come across a road in rural Victoria that Kevin had not ridden himself.

Kevin was a shy man who avoided the limelight, simply getting on with it in the background.

In 2013, when bush fires tore through the Alpine region only weeks before the 3 Peaks Challenge, Kevin was instrumental in finding a new route so the ride could go ahead.

Allen says Kevin thought through every risk and reward of the roads and paths chosen for Bicycle Network’s events.

Something good friend and former Bicycle Network Board Member Simon Crone can attest to.

“Kevin’s knowledge of the legislation surrounding the events and the road/traffic legislation was encyclopaedic.  It was a brave soul who decided to argue with Kevin over the rules!,” Crone says.

“However, it wasn’t adherence to the rules that mattered to Kevin; it was that by doing so it was maintaining the safety and well-being of the riders, which was always his number one concern.

“I can remember many times where Kevin would be working until 9 at night following up on a missing cyclist, even though the route officially closed at 4.30 or 5pm.”

He also loved gadgets and technology – especially those he could use for his volunteering.

“Kevin always had the latest GPS or some other gadget which he’d show around,” Allen says.

Crone says Kevin was very loyal and had a strong sense of fairness and justice which underpinned his passion for contributing to the community.

“He did this in many ways over the years, his volunteering for Bicycle Network and prior to that St John’s Ambulance for many years being two examples.”

As well as being a life member of Bicycle Network – he also received a certificate of commendation from the West Australian Commissioner of Police for his work on the inaugural GWABR in 2006.

Kevin sadly passed away over the Easter long weekend. He leaves behind his loving wife Karen.