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John McCurdy

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John McCurdy_Bicycle Network
Life member and Great Vic Vollie legend John McCurdy

John McCurdy, or Big John as he was affectionately known, sadly passed away in early March 2019 after a short but tough battle with cancer.

30-year volunteer veteran, former Campsite team leader and teammate of John’s, Keith Porter passed on the news Saturday, which quickly spread around the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event team.

This highlighted the breadth and depth of John’s involvement with Bicycle Network, as professional contractors, the catering crew, current and former career and vollie team members were all deeply saddened by the news that John, our much-loved team member had passed away.

The 50-strong event crew raised a glass at dinner for the great man, and in true John style, after sharing a quiet moment got on with the job at hand – as he would have.

John is best known for his work on Great Vic, having been on every event since 2005 and fulfilled the role of campsite team leader for the past five years.

John was also heavily involved in more the ten Around the Bay rides and six of our Great Escapades.

As a result of his contribution, he was honoured as a Life member at Bicycle Network in 2017.

John was an influential presence at Great Vic. While his stature as a tall, broad and strong man was commanding, his knowledge, relationships, skills and commitment is what made him a team titan.

Chief Operating Officer Darren Allen recalls John having a quick impact on his time at Bicycle Network.

“In 2011, in my first week with Bicycle Network, John came on a campsite trip with me to help determine the 2012 Great Vic campsites. He gave up three days of work, invited me to his house and openly gave me all of his inside knowledge of the Greater Gippsland region. That was the first time I met him, he was incredibly generous, ” Mr Allen recalled. 

The McCurdy family were all involved, with wife Kerrie a regular vollie on Escapades and son Brendan as John’s 2IC and right hand on many Great Vic Bike Rides. McCurdy family moments were scheduled to fit in and around with the Bicycle Network event calendar, John’s and the greater family’s commitment was that deep.

In 2018, while recovering from surgery John visited the Great Vic on rest day to catch up with the team, giving a positive and bright outlook on his situation, but most of all his praise at how his team (led by Tim) had carried on incredibly well in his absence. Many would say that’s the true definition of a great leader.

John’s legacy will continue on for many years and he will be honoured at this year’s Great Vic.


The McCurdy family have asked us to pass on the details of John’s funeral. 

John’s funeral will be held at 10:30am, this Friday 15 March, 2019 at the Uniting Church in Wonthaggi.

A service will then take place at Kilcunda cemetery before back to Wonthaggi footy rooms.