Joan Horton

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Life member Joan Horton was a loved bike rider and volunteer was been involved in Bicycle Network for decades.

She rode a swag of Great Vics and also joined the first ever Around the Bay in 1993, as well as easter and spring bike rides in the 1990s.

Later on she began volunteering with Bicycle Network at Super Tuesday and Sunday counts, Around the Bay and Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.

She volunteered for 10 years in a row at Falls Creek and sometimes at the Anglers Rest rest area. She was such a fan of Anglers Rest that she would camp there during the Peaks Challenge weekend!

Joan sadly passed away in 2020. Here are some memories from Bicycle Network team member Lauren LeQuire.

Joan was a lively and joyful person, who went to extraordinary lengths to help other people.

Her contribution to the bike riding community was incorporated into her life, so much so that she drove an hour and a half each way to the nearest count site from her house in Benalla during Super counts. As a core volunteer for Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, she was committed to camping near the Anglers Rest rest area on Peaks Challenge weekend, propelling riders forward with her dynamic energy every year since the event’s conception in 2010.

Joan’s generosity knew no bounds, and she even reached out to the local community in Mitta Mitta to donate our rest area snacks so they would be aiding others.

The thing I’ll remember the most about Joan is that nothing held her back. She was humble and energetic and always thrived in a challenge. It seemed to me that Joan was drawn to experiences where she could genuinely help others and because of this, she made an enormous impact that will be felt by the Bicycle Network team, our riders, and the wider community for years and years.