1946 - 2017

Doug Brown

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Bicycle Network_Doug Brown
Loyal event and workshop volunteer

Long standing and much loved Bicycle Network event and workshop volunteer Doug Brown passed away this week after a long and tough battle with cancer.

Doug was a stalwart vollie of the Great Vic, a solid right-hand man to the Main Street team, led by Hamish Haugh. Every day on the Great Vic, Doug, Hamish and the small team would bring Main Street to life with food vendor, stall holders and activities for riders to enjoy.

Doug was also one of the regular faces at the Bicycle Network workshop in Sunshine and enjoyed getting involved in the many equipment projects and challenges that the team tackle for events.

Doug played a huge role in one of our favourite and most popular on-event additions – the Bingo Mungee bike lane, temporarily installed on Peaks Challenge Falls Creek’s notorious ‘bike-eating’ bridge. Doug’s bike lane has saved the tyres, bikes and finishing times of many Peaks Challenge Falls Creek riders.

While no one could dispute that Doug was a great bloke, tireless worker and great contributor to the bike riding world, one of his greatest legacies at Bicycle Network will be the amazing spirit and inspiration he effortlessly instilled within some of our younger event team members.

At well over six foot, Doug could have easily been an imposing man but held himself in such a way that no one ever felt beneath him – a true gentleman.

He built strong relationships with many co-ordinators over the years and helped shape young people to have patience, stay calm, work hard and look after each other.

One in particular team member is our General Manager of Events Rebecca Lane, who has spent her whole working life with Doug, as a volunteer at The Australian Open, the Melbourne Fashion Show and at Bicycle Network – a testament to his broad volunteer contribution, and no doubt a reassuring face for Bec during the hectic activity of all of these iconic events.

Bec recalls “Doug ruled the radio dial when he was at the workshop as he loved jazz music. I think the only time I ever saw him get flustered was when someone wanted to change it. He also took enormous amount of pride in keeping the workshop spick and span and also upskilled some of the boys in basic computer skills.”

Doug will be missed dearly by the workshop boys, the entire Bicycle Network team and his Great Vic mates. Bicycle Network will celebrate Doug’s life on this year’s Great Vic with a few stories about him and a well-deserved tribute.

Farewell Dougie and thanks for everything.