1936 - 2016

Alan Parker

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Bicycle Victoria founder Alan Parker
Bicycle Victoria Founder, President and Board Member

Alan Arthur Parker OAM was a giant of cycling advocacy in Victoria and Australia. He was a key founding member of the Bicycle Institute of Victoria (now Bicycle Network), president and Board member for many years. 

Alan was Vice President of the Bicycle Federation of Australia, a member of the State Government’s State Bicycle Committee, founder of PEST (People for Economically Sustainable Transport) and author of an almost endless list of papers of cycling.

Alan prepared the Geelong Bikeplan which set the standard for hundreds that followed throughout Victoria and Australia. He became president of the Bicycle Institute at a precarious time when no-one else nominated. He played a key role in keeping it alive. The achievements of the advocates and campaigners that follow, owe much to Alan’s dedication and he has been acknowledged as a bike visionary.

Alan was happy to be described as a ‘ratbag’ who made things happen. Many of his board members agree that he had a determined, passionate and sometimes confronting style and that his knowledge of cycling issues is unmatched.  

You can read more about the life of Alan Parker here in an obituary written by his wife Doreen.