It’s not a race – it’s much more than that

Most riders can take on a challenge, but few take on the epic ones. Pushing themselves to the limits of their cycling ability. In 2010, our first riders took on the peaks in Victoria’s rugged High Country. Riders were pushed to their limits and beyond, but still rose to the challenge. The legend of the series was born.



While many have risen to the challenge, many have failed, succumbing to the unforgiving terrain, relentless grind and gruelling mental battle unique to Peaks Challenge events.


Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain 2017

On Sunday 5 November over 300 riders tackled the final Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain on a cracking blue bird day, with the hope of becoming Peaks Challenge finishers. Are you ready for the next epic challenge at Peaks Challenge Falls Creek 2018? 

Challenge accepted

Something money can't buy

Finisher's jersey

Cyclists finishing Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

We know how much it means to you – it’s more than just a jersey.

It symbolises months of training, time away from family and friends, dedication, pain and commitment. It’s every early-morning wake up, grinding pedal stroke, bead of sweat and sleepless night. It tells the world that you went to the depths of suffering, and came out triumphant.

Its significance is something only a fellow Peaks Challenge Finisher can understand.

Your domestiques

Team Bicycle Network

At a Peaks Challenge event, we don’t just provide you food and water. We have a team dedicated to setting the pace, rhythm and the attitude that’s required for a good day in the saddle. You can expect lots of encouragement, support and help with pace setting from Team Bicycle Network.

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A group of team riders at a start line