Training plan

Your training plan to conquer participation in events

Looking at setting yourself a cycling goal to train up to participate in a cycling event? It can seem daunting at first, especially if you're knocking off your first cycling century in the 100km of the Ascent, or perhaps you are wanting to enter into your very first ever event and considering doing the 20km ride option in Around the Bay.

But what better way to achieve something amazing, than by smashing what you thought wasn't possible with other women just like you! 

Bicycle Network and the team from Bike It Better and Inform Cycling have got you covered with their training plans. 

For our cycling events we typically offer a three to six month program, which is based around four-week blocks that will allow your body to adapt, strengthen and recover.

At times, the training may test you, but nothing worth having comes easy, so stick to it. Remember, you're not on this journey alone. We've got your back. 

Make sure you also take advantage of our free training rides, skills session, demo days and interactive social nights too.

This is your chance to try something new, meet new people, and have a whole heap of fun while doing it.

Download your free programs, that will become available over the next coming weeks:

Around the Bay 20km - 20km training plan

Around the Bay 50km - 50km training plan

Around the Bay 100km - 100km training plan

Around the Bay 160km - 160km training plan

Around the Bay 210km - 210km training plan

Around the Bay 250km - 250km training plan

Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain 2017 - Training plan