Bike riding's biggest questions

The top 10 answers...

Why is bike riding awesome? Why is it the best way to get around? Is it a risky thing to do?

There are plenty of questions people have about bike riding and they often come hard and fast from friends, family and colleagues.

We’re opening up the vault and arming you with the top 10 answers to all of those fun and tricky questions so that you can help advocate, support and inspire more people to ride.

Hosted by our CEO Craig Richards, we’ll be releasing our regular top 10s on our Facebook page

Episode 2: Why are bikes our best transport solution?

Why are bikes the best transport solution? Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards has 10 answers to prove why bikes are the best way for people to get from A to B.

10. It’s often the quickest way to get around.
9. On a bike, you always get a seat.
8. People in traffic have been found to be more stressed than fighter pilots and riot police.

Watch the video to see what’s number one!

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Episode 1: Why bike riding is awesome?

Why is bike riding awesome? Bicycle Network CEO Craig Richards has 10 answers to the question that will help turn anyone into a bike believer.

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