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Wald 137 front basket

Words by: Jarrad Clatworthy and Edmund Kron

Bringing baskets back

Like many of my colleagues in the Bicycle Network office, I have recently discovered the magic of affixing a basket to my commuter bike. I never imagined I would be the basket type, but so far it has been great. It has taken the weight off my back and has been useful to chuck any last-minute extras into the basket without having to ready a musette or backpack.

I’ve been using the Wald 137, and have found it to be the perfect basket for anyone interested in making their bicycle a more robust and commuter friendly machine.

Pros: Price, ease of mounting, aesthetics, instant improved functionality.

Cons: Mounting points can be fiddly, some might find it a little small, it is most effective on the front.

How it works

The Wald 137 is quite easy to install. You have two clasps that clamp around your handlebars then you have extendable legs that are adjusted depending on the size of your bike. The legs are either mounted to your wheel axle or alternatively you can attach them to the mounting points on your frame.

Front or back mount?

Many bikes come with rear baskets rather than front. The advantage of rear basket is that generally you can carry more weight comfortably without impacting your steering.

A front basket however allows you to keep an eye on your goodies, and it looks much more “euro”. With the Wald you can do either, however they only provide fittings for the front.

Personally, I feel the front is easier to manage, and I regularly reach in and out of the bag which is on there.

Many manufactures also make bags which fit perfectly into the basket such as Melbourne based Terra rosa gear. I also run a cargo net which prevents any spillages when riding over the Melbourne cobbles. Alternatively you can run an old tube threaded through the basket for a more cost effective option to keep your goods from moving.

Wald product review

The verdict

While it does not provide the same ride feel or security as panniers or bags which mount directly to your bicycle, there is no denying the appeal of being able to dump something directly into a basket and riding off. And in that regard, the Wald 137 is the gold standard.

It’s not as deep as a conventional basket, but the ease in which it mounts, the look it provides and extra capabilities it grants make it one of the best bike purchases I’ve made.

For purchase in Victoria visit Commuter Cycles or Pedal Cyclery. For people in other parts of Australia, there are various online retailers selling Wald baskets.

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