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SkinGrowsBack Lunchbox Handlebar bag

Words by: Jarrad Clatworthy

Bag it and go

I was sick and tired of rummaging through my pockets, backpack or saddle bag to access essential items while on the bike. I’ve recently enjoyed rolling with a Wald 137 basket on my main commuter bike (it’s easy to grab something out of my musette or bag in the front basket) and I wanted the same convenience across the other bikes in my shed.

I’ve had a few friends running handlebar bag’s for longer rides or endurance events like Peaks Challenge Falls Creek and I had to try one out for myself. The bag I chose to try out is SkinGrowsBack Lunchbox Handlebar Bag – my initial draw to this bag was the large range of colours on offer and the fact that it’s Australian owned and made.

The verdict

SkinGrowsBack’s Lunchbox Handlebar Bag has been a welcome addition to my cycling inventory this year! I knew it would make it easier to access essentials on my ride, but it was the simple and unexpected features about this bag that won me over.

Firstly, the easy installation and ability to transfer across bikes was excellent. The straps used to fasten the bag around the handlebars are durable and held up to fair use in all weather conditions (unlike the Velcro runners from my younger days). The bag also comes with a cord on the rear that you can wrap around your stem for extra protection and to reduce bounce (it held up well with minimal movement) on rougher roads or gravel detours tracks.

It was always easy to access my phone in the front or grab my keys out when I got home. The cylinder shape of the bag makes it easy to find any given item, rather than having to dig around and juggle everything at the front door.

The bag is very roomy – on a given ride I was able to comfortably pack: a small lightweight jacket, pump, spare tube, tyre levers, Co2 cannister and attachment plus a small snack. Excess goods can be stored in the side pockets (only big enough for rubbish such as an empty gel packet) and the front chord netting which would be good for multiple spare tubes or sunscreen.

The SkingGrowsback Lunchbox bag will set you back $169 which is on the higher side for similar products, but it certainly made my everyday ride easier and I was able to use it across a variety of bikes including my flat bar commuter as well as my road bike and gravel bike.

  • Multiple colours
  • Sturdy design and build quality
  • Water resistant
  • Ease of access
  • Australian made
  • Holds its shape
  • Takes up a lot of surface area on the bike (which might affect the ring of your bell or placement of your lights)
  • It can be hard to feed bulkier items through the top zipper when it’s mounted on the bike
  • Repositioning webbing can be tedious and requires a lot of patience (pro-tip: be sure to seperate the two materials with a piece of card or a folded note – to prevent the velcro from sticking to the webbing and to allow easier movement
  • The bag isn’t made for bikes with a number of externally routed gear and brake cables, so some fiddling might be involved to make this work

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