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Kask Valegro and Kask Mojito

Words by: Jarrad Clatworthy

The Crème de la crème

Kask has a reputation as being one of the best helmet brands on the market…

I’ve seen their helmets used on an array of bike riding events from Great Vic Bike Ride to United Energy Around the Bay and even donned by a number of Team Bicycle Network who lead the waves on the enurance gran fondo Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event. Their helmets aren’t limited to bike riding events though with a number of staff within the Bicycle Network office donning a few popular models as their daily all rounder helmet.

You might have also seen Kask helmets being worn at the highest level of cycling with UCI WorldTeam level Ineos Grenadiers donning the brand.

I wanted to get to the root of why these helmets are so popular within the cycling community, so I have opted to test two of the most popular models the Kask Valegro and the Kask Mojito to see what all the hype is about across these helmets.

Key observations

Kask Valegro (RRP $299+)

Off the bat, the Kask Valegro is by far the lightest helmet I have personally come across (weighing in at 217g for the medium model). The lightness of the helmet adds to the overall comfort of the helmet, which has minimal (but enough) padding throughout the design. The helmet is dotted off with a premium eco-leather strap (that is in place to assist with irritation underneath the chin). 

The biggest positive with the Valegro would have to be the 37 ventilation holes – which aids a nice cool head during both short and long rides, the way that the ventilation on this helmet is designed is to allow for a wind tunneling effect where cool air comes through the front and the heat escapes out the back. I can assure you that it does in fact work quite well as found out through the testing of this helmet along a couple of King Lake climbs.

A low light to my experience with this particular helmet (which please note: won’t affect everyone) is that it didn’t fit well on my particular head shape. The helmet would make a slight indent into my temple (remember to always be sure to try before you buy). I was able to gather insight on other’s experiences with this helmet thanks to another (smaller headed team member in the Bicycle Network office testing the helmet) They assured me that it’s a comfortable and lightweight fit for them – so don’t let this discourage you from trying this helmet out.  

  • Lightweight
  • Great ventilation
  • Stylish design
  • Quality finishes
  • Adjustment system and strap can be fiddly
  • More comfortable alternatives available
Kask Mojito (RRP $249+)

The Kask Mojito might have 17 vents when compared to the 37 of the Valegro – but don’t let the number deter you – the vents are wider in diameter leading to easy breezy carefree ride.

Other benefits to the Mojito include great comfort from the shape of the helmet and the increased padding that not only adds to the comfort but helps with sweat wicking. The shape is benefited from Kask’s In Moulding technology – which is the joining of the outer shell to the polystyrene cap – which is reported to assist the shock absorption if you were to crash (please note: I did not have the chance to crash during this review).  

The Mojito comes in a range of fun colours that might make win you over or make your decision harder! Please note, if you are after a matte finish – similar to the helmet I tested it will set you back an extra $20 depending on which retailer you shop at. The helmet has the same eco-leather strap as the Valegro – which is a great touch.

The Kask Mojito, is a great all rounder helmet that gives you a high level of comfort and a swish Italian which is carried throughout the whole Kask range. There was one flaw that effected my experience with this helmet and that was a slight flaking of the black polystyrene.

  • Lightweight
  • Large range of colours
  • Quality build
  • Adjustment system and strap can be fiddly
  • Polystyrene started to flake small paint flakes after heavy use
Extra touchpoints

The Valegro and Mojito along with Kask’s entire range come without MIPS, alternatively using Kasks’ MIT technology – please note I wouldn’t let the fact that a helmet has MIPS or doesn’t deter you from buying a helmet – all reputable brands will meet specified guidelines to keeping you safe. If you want to learn more about MIPS, I’d recommend this article from BikeRadar which can be found here.

The rear adjustment of both helmets were great – with adjustments available not only to tighten at the rear but to move the dial up and down the lower section of  your head for a snug fit. The downward adjustment was a bit fiddly and tended not to lock in place at times – but this was a minimal issue overall. 

Both the Mojito and the Valegro come with an Eco-leather strap (with Made in Italy branded on the strap), which gives a nice comfortable and luxurious feel to the helmets. The straps feel great and add more to the great aesthetics of these Italian designed helmets more than any overall functional benefit. The only downlight to these straps were the fact that they were a bit fiddly to readjust and if adjusted to tight you have a bit of the strap sticking out awkwardly – as it sits rather stiff when compared to a standard nylon strap.

Both of these helmets deliver a very slimline look compared to other helmets that can make your head look quite bulky.

The verdict

Both the Valegro and Mojito are great helmets overall. With unique offerings to suit an array of different riders.

The Kask Valegro would be perfect for riders looking to tick off a couple of tons on the weekend ride, whereas the Kask Mojito is a better all rounder helmet which feels comfortable across any sort of riding from commuting to CX riding.

Both helmets held up over long rides and kept my head cool and dry! Be sure to try before you buy and pick a helmet that fits you best and meets your needs.

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