Tips and Resources

Bike-friendly communities

Bike-friendly communities encourage men, women and children to grab their bike and take a ride to visit their mates, their local shops or even family who live nearby.

Liveable speeds

Speed limits across Australia are being lowered to 40km/h in residential streets, school zones and in shopping thoroughfares. But should they be lower?

Narrow roads – good or bad for bikes?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to making our city streets safer for everyone.

The new reverse traffic pyramid

Rideables are challenging traditional transport systems, the laws that regulate them and the allocation of space on our streets.

Chinese public bikes
Public bikes

Public bikes are key to creating bike friendly communities that promote bike riding as a viable alternative to driving and public transport.

Ride more with a cargo bike

Cart the kids or increase your payload for local trips with a cargo bike. They’re not as big and heavy as you think, especially when you’re assisted by an electric motor.