Ride2Uni – improve your confidence on the bike

Ride2Uni gives staff and students more transport choices by improving their bike riding confidence and skills.

What is Ride2Uni?

Ride2Uni is a partnership between Bicycle Network and the University of Tasmania that helps staff and students become more confident on two wheels and learn the most comfortable routes to ride between campuses, accommodation and other major areas in Hobart and Launceston.

Sessions include

Bike Basics

Bike Basics classes are designed for people who do not know how to ride or have ridden in the past but would like a refresher on braking and riding with care, turning, signalling and using gears effectively.

Road Riding

Road Riding is led by one of our friendly instructors along some of the common routes between campuses and the city. These rides will help people choose low-traffic routes and provide tips about riding next to parked cars, using footpaths and positioning on the road.

Ride2Uni - bicycle programs

Upcoming programs

Students riding to uni

That’s a wrap for Ride2Uni 2021!

Stay tuned for 2022 program details.

Want to volunteer?

Are you already comfortable on the bike and keen to help others get up to speed? We’ll also have opportunities for you to join our program as the first or last rider in the Urban Rides group or help with training exercises in the Bike Basics sessions.

More details coming soon.

Tips and resources

New to riding

The perfect page for anyone who is new to bike riding, with some handy resources to help get you rolling.

How to plan a bike route

If you’re new to commuting by bike, here’s a guide on how to plan a bike-friendly route so you can get from A to B with ease.

25 tips for new riders commuting in winter

With a little know-how, winter commuting can be every bit as enjoyable as summer. Here are our top 25 tips for new riders looking to get riding in winter.

Choosing a bike

There are so many types of bikes out there but which one is right for you and what you want to do?

How to lock up your bike

This instructional video shows you how to safely lock up your bike to a freestanding hoop in a public place.

Bike lights

All bike riders must be legally carrying and using front and rear lights at night or in low light conditions. Here's our tips to light up and be seen.