Peaks Challenge

The new 100km route

For those not keen on the infamous three climbs, we’ve introduced a significantly shorter 100km challenge. But in true Peaks fashion, what this ride lacks in distance it truly makes up for wicked descents down the back of Falls… and grueling climbs on the way back up.

Make no mistake, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

What to expect

The first 15 kilometres out of Falls Creek village will present you with a real mix of short pinches, and long false flats that get the legs and lungs warmed up.  This area is home to some beautiful scenery around the Rocky Valley Dam and the great plateau on the top of Falls. Be sure to prepare for any and every kind of weather, and it really can change fast up there.

Now you start to descend. Be careful and take it easy. Its important you don’t over brake and cook your brakes, brake early to wash off speed and stay alert to road conditions. A great article on descending can be found here: How to descend safely on a road bike.

At some points this descent gets steep so be smart, its not a race. Stay in control and comfortable to your skill level.  Don’t feel any obligation to keep up with your friends, instead maybe just arrange to meet up down the bottom of WTF corner and all arrive safely.

From WTF corner to the Blue Duck Inn, which is your lunch stop, there is some of the most amazingly beautiful countryside you’ll ever encounter on the bike. Cruise through here and really soak it up before your well earned rest stop.  Now its time to fuel up, you’ll need it!!

Cyclist climbing back of Falls Creek

Now in reverse, we start with that stunning stretch of flattish road to get the legs going and primed for what your about to tackle. Don’t race through here, just start the engines firing in preparation to tackle the beast!!

The climb back up the back of Falls starts with a sharp left hand turn off the Omeo Hwy – known as “WTF” corner (for good reason). It opens with a truly horrifying first 400m with gradients that are simply best left unspoken. But don’t go to deep as there really isn’t much reprieve for the first 9 kilometres.

From the 9-12 kilometres you’ll tangibly notice some respite from the initial gradients, and at the 12km mark it eases back to normality but will stay very lumpy until the 23 kilometre mark.

A great detailed breakdown of the ride can be found here: The Climbing Cyclist: Falls Creek (Omeo side)

Once you get to the 23 kilometre mark the official climb is behind you and you can enjoy some less torturous roads, with small descents interspersed with short pinches until you get back to the village.

You’ve made it, congratulations on an incredible ride.

Things to think about:

  • Pack/carry clothing for all seasons and conditions
  • Get your bike serviced – especially the brakes
  • Its not a race, take it easy on the descent
  • Enjoy some stunning scenery that you don’t get to see very often
  • Think about gearing, compact cranks and the biggest rear cassette your bike/derailleur can handle will make everything more enjoyable

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