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The final straight

We’re now on the final straight, charging towards Peaks Challenge Falls Creek – one of the most challenging rides of the year. Haven’t entered yet? Think it’s too late to get your training on track? The good news is it’s not. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything, right?

With four weeks to go until the event it could be easy to throw in the towel and say “yeah, yeah I’ll do it next year”. After all, everyone’s spent months and months training haven’t they? I couldn’t possibly catch up.

Sure, some people may have had the dream run of training themselves to be at their ‘Peak’, but the truth is, for most of us, life gets in the way. Holidays, family commitments, work, sickness. Life. We’ve all had to balance life on the way to our ‘Peak’ fitness.

 What that means is, if you haven’t entered, and haven’t been training away on Zwift Matty Hayman style, don’t be disheartened.

Peaks Challenge 2019 training ride

You can still become a #peaksfinisher

Cyclists tackling Peaks Challenge

There are three more weekends between now and Peaks Challenge Falls Creek. That’s six days of hitting the hills. You don’t need to be spend all day slogging away. Just ride those hills. Top up that endurance that’s always been sitting there.

There’s also plenty of opportunity during the week to get those legs in motion. Find your local hill and get out for some repeats one morning. Or two mornings. Or just make it three

And remember, Peaks Challenge isn’t a race. It’s a challenge. You have all day – well, 13 hours – to complete it. And you won’t be on your own.

Team Bicycle Network is there to support you throughout the day, they’ll be riding, pacing and encouraging you all the way to the finish line. They’ll keep you fed, watered and provide support in the unlikely event of a mechanical. And if nothing else, you’ll get to hang out with the Lanterne Rouge, bringing up the rear of the pack on the 13 hour pace.

Commit to Peaks Challenge Falls Creek today!

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Intro to training zones

Whether you are a first timer to Peaks Challenge looking for a big new challenge or you are returning rider looking to go faster to achieve your goal time, following a structured training plan is always a great way to ensure you are ticking all the boxes to achieve optimal fitness.

Nutrition tips

A Peaks Challenge ride is gruelling – you need to keep yourself fuelled to tackle the climbs and power through the kilometres.