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Descending with confidence

Descending at Peaks

What goes up, must come down – even on the bike. Descending can be one of the most enjoyable or nerve-racking parts of Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, depending on your preference.

Descending at Peaks can be cold, cramped, beautiful and exhilarating all in the same day. But through all of this, it is important to keep your mind on the job whenever your handlebars are pointing down.

Recently, a group of Peaks Challenge Falls Creek finishers in the waiting (pictured below) caught up with friend of our Women’s Community Kate Perry from FTP Training for a good old fashioned descending session.

We’ve included Kate’s top tips below, and encourage you to share any tips or questions of our own on the event Facebook page.

Women’s Community descending skills session

Kate’s key takeaways:

Building up confidence on the bike
  • There is no such thing as “can’t” when it comes to bike riding. The only thing is getting better. Continue to work on your weaknesses with practice, practice, practice, and soon it will become second nature.
  • Don’t worry about those behind you, you have every right to be on the road, and they have to come around you if they want to pass, you don’t need to get out of the way (remember this when coming down Falls at the beginning of Peaks Challenge)
  • Practice your descending on a road you know and following the wheel of someone you trust. Just focus on following their wheel, that is your carrot!
Some tips for descending
  • Think about the corner before you approach it, how fast are you coming into it, can you see through the corner, what is the road doing and what line do you want to take?
  • Wipe off speed with your brakes before you get to the corner, not through it.
  • Look where you want your bike to go, your eyes will guide you through the corner
  • Placing weight on your outside leg as you go through a corner will help stabilise you.
  • Relax those arms, and remember to have fun!

Of course, descending on event throws in its own challenges, particularly when riding in large groups of unfamiliar riders. Though the road is closed to vehicles when the starting waves depart down Falls Creek, it is still incredibly important for riders to take care when descending for their own safety and the safety of other riders. We’d hate to see anyone get hurt, not to mention doing all that training for nothing!

Handy resources for descending on your bike

Get those wheels rolling and clock up some kilometres. This is the beginning of an epic journey! This is your time. #ThisisPeaks

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