What to do when you get there

Event weekend

Saturday 10 March

Registration and rider briefing

The Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event village at Slalom Plaza at Falls Creek will be open from 10:00am until 7:30pm on Saturday for bike check, registrations and kit collection, valet drop off and rider briefing. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you’ll need to get done so you’re prepared for Sunday.

1. Bike check

You will need to get your bike checked to make sure it is good to go. Your tyres, brakes and lights will be inspected. We’ll also ask to see that you’ve got spare tubes, a pump or cannisters and two bidons.

2. Registration

Once your bike is checked you can register and collect your rider kit. This will include your valet bags, ride guide and rider number with built-in timing chip to attach to the seatpost of your bike.

3. Valet service

Pack and drop off your valet bags. You should pack one food and one clothing valet bag. They’ll be waiting for you on the route and will be returned to the village at the end of the ride on Sunday.

4. Rider briefing

Riders will need to attend the rider briefing at 6:00pm on Saturday for detailed information about the ride on Sunday including waves, route notes and a safety message.

Bicycle Network members lounge

Bicycle Network members will also have a special opportunity on Saturday to meet the team of wave leaders and settle any pre-ride nerves. 

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Sunday 11 March

Ride day

The day has arrived – you’ll get to put all that training to use and take the ultimate cycling test.

1. Final prep

Make sure everything is ready – have the right clothing, fill your bidons, pack your jersey pockets and have your lights ready.

2. Join your wave

Be in your wave at the start line based on the time you’re aiming to finish the ride in by 6:30am. Waves will be clearly marked.

3. Ride

The first wave will leave at 6:45am and all riders will depart by 7:15am. Take care as you clip in, begin to ride and descend Falls Creek.

4. Stick to time

Ride to your ability and keep an eye on the time to make sure you can reach each rest stop before cut-off times.

After some more info?

Check out the official Peaks Challenge Falls Creek ride guide.

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