Newcrest Orange Challenge

Get to know Sam Squiers

We’re super excited to have Women’s Community Ambassador Sam Squiers riding with us around her home town at Newcrest Orange Challenge 2021. Get to know her and why she’s decided to tackle the challenge below.

“Forget the finish line. It’s the start line that has me worried…”

If you’re reading this article as a how-to guide or looking for motivation, preparation and inspiration for the upcoming Newcrest Orange Challenge Ride…I’m sorry this one is not for you. 

If you’re looking for something that’s relatable, honest and confidence boosting in the thought that you won’t be the last person crossing the line (because this author is that lucky one)… well my friend, read on!

Firstly, I am super excited about coming on board as an ambassador for the ride, but also super scared!

Rides, runs, marathons used to be my thing! I marked them in my calendar, trained hard, scheduled sessions in and usually came through with a positive result and ‘instagramable’ picture at the end.

Women's Community Ambassador - Sam Squires
Then life happened.

Two little girls in fact.

Imogen and Elle are just the centre of my world, and because of that, training, riding, exercising became much more of a challenge and struggle than they’ve never been before.

I used to think time and motivation were my biggest barriers, now what little time I did have has been divided up again, twisted on its axis and shredded even further. As a result, the motivation I have left feels like tiny sprinkles floating through the sky.

Add in full time work, non-sleeping baby and a business on the side (plus bouts of sickness streaming through the family) then this is seeming like a monumental task.

Put simply getting to the finish line isn’t the hard part, it’s actually just getting to the start line.

Sam Squires on the bike
So why am I doing this?

Well life isn’t going to go away, it’s going to keep on happening and happening at a frenetic pace, so if I don’t make this happen in some way, it’s never going to happen.

Plus, I need to do this.

I love riding but with life at the moment, I make the mistake of seeing riding as a selfish thing to do because it takes time away from the girls. But there’s nothing like a ride to stimulate the endorphins, I don’t need to explain to you the health benefits of exercising, but it’s what it provides me mentally rather than physically that really matters. It clears my head, relaxes my overactive brain, gives me some valuable time to myself. And I’m a better person and a better mum because of that.

Setting a goal like this ride keeps me motivated, accountable and on the bike.

I’m an Orange girl originally too, having grown up in the city and I love this place. I’ve returned to do the Orange Marathon there before but haven’t done this ride and I’m eager to tick it off my Orange events bucketlist.

My husband Ben has done the Newcrest Orange Challenge before and my parents have been involved for years and volunteer to drive the SAG wagon picking up the people who drop off or can’t finish or suffer a mechanical along the way. There’s another source of motivation for me to get to the finish line, not being picked up by my parents!

So if you’re umming and ahhing about whether to do this ride, doubting you will have the time, or feeling guilty when you take it, DON’T. Sign up now. Whether you are able to train the house down, or only able to fit in sessions here and there, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you show up and do your best. My training is so sporadic because, as I mentioned, life happens. I’m going to do my best and know that that is all I can ask to do.

The prize isn’t at the finish line, it’s the effort you’re putting in to get there.

Written by Sam Squiers.

NSW cycling challenge
Ride with the support of our Women’s Community

Riders can ride with the support and encouragement of our Women’s Community ambassadors, including Sam, along the 70km and 170km ride options. 

There will also be social ride and Q&A sessions hosted on the Saturday before for our Women’s Community members.